Event Calendars

Having so many different events available in the Philly area, AhmetSacan wrote a program to monitor the seminars and other academic meeting events announced on various web sites and collect them into his calendars. Below is the list of events being monitored. You can view these calendars in this website or subscribe to them to view using a desktop application, such as Sunbird, Windows Calendar, or Outlook.

Please note that the calendars are cached and there may be a delay (~30min) between the time of the announcement of a new event in the originating url and the time it appears on these calendars. The date range of these calendars is also limited. The form at the bottom of this page provides more flexibility in selecting calendars and date ranges.

Name/url View Online Subscribe Description
ahmet view subscribe Ahmet's appointments, meetings, and courses
seminar view subscribe seminars that Ahmet is planning to attend
dxlbmed view subscribe Drexel School of Biomed
dxlmed view subscribe Drexel Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
dxlcs view subscribe Drexel Computer Science
dxlbio view subscribe Drexel Biology
dxlsph view subscribe Drexel School of Public Health
penbchem view subscribe Penn Biochemistry and Biophysics
penaids view subscribe Penn Center for AIDS Research
penbio view subscribe Penn Biology
penabo view subscribe Penn Advances in Biomedical Optics
pencis view subscribe Penn Computer & Information Science
fcc view subscribe Fox Chase Cancer Center - Distinguished Lectures
All calendars view subscribe1) All of the calendars combined.

Custom Calendar

The form below lets you subscribe to a subset of the calendars listed above.

Custom calendar
Select calendars:
1) this subscription does not include “ahmet” and “seminar” calendars
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