Pattern Formation by Reaction Diffusion

  • This software was developed with Sertan Girgin as a project for Ceng566 Image Processing course. It implements a simulator for Turing's Reaction and Diffusion.
  • You can read the project report or the presentation for details of the methodology.




Sample Patterns

The program has been used in the Pattern Contest of the course Ceng382: Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Feedback. Below are some of the top-rated patterns generated by the students.

2005-2 Ceng382 Pattern Contest

rated_3.4_13.jpg rated_3.6_9.jpg rated_3.7_6.jpg rated_4.1_14.jpg rated_4.3_17.jpg rated_4.4_8.jpg rated_4.7_11.jpg rated_4.7_16.jpg rated_4.7_7.jpg rated_4.8_15.jpg rated_4.918.jpg rated_4.9_1.jpg rated_5.2_12.jpg rated_5.2_19.jpg rated_5.3_3.jpg rated_5.5_20.jpg rated_5.7_2.jpg rated_6.0_10.jpg rated_6.1_1.jpg rated_6.5_5.jpg rated_8.6_4.jpg

2006-2 Ceng382 Pattern Contest