VLDB 2012 - Camera Ready Instructions for PVLDB Vol 5

All papers accepted for VLDB 2012 are published in the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) Vol. 5, which has a rolling deadline at the start of each month. The papers must be submitted in the VLDB format. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that their submissions adhere strictly to the VLDB format detailed here. In particular, it is not allowed to modify the format with the objective of squeezing in more material. Submissions that do not comply with the formatting detailed here will be rejected without review.

Research Track: Please ensure that the final version of your paper:

Style Files and Samples

VLDB provides a style template that is based on the ACM SIG Proceedings Style. You can download all necessary files below. Notice that the copyright area in the bottom left of the first page is intentionally left blank. We will be "stamping" the copyright information onto your paper ourselves.

vldb.clsLaTeX document class
vldb_style_sample.zipLaTeX example
vldb_sample.docMicrosoft Word template

CRC File-check

  • For CRC version of accepted papers, you can perform some of the automated CRC checks by uploading your PDF file below. We strongly encourage checking your file here and ensuring it passes all of the automated checks before submitting it to CMT.

    Paper ID:
    CRC PDF file:

    Camera Ready Copy Submission Process for Accepted Papers.

    Note: These instructions are for Accepted Papers only. Please see http://www.vldb2012.org/call-for-contributions/research-track/ for instructions on the first submissions. Please do not upload a Copyright Transfer Form unless your paper has been accepted for publication.
    1. Please submit the final version of your paper as PDF using the VLDB2012 conference management tool that is accessible at https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/VLDB2012/.
    2. In CMT, please check carefully the paper's meta-data such as title, abstract, the authors' names, affiliations, and their order, and correct those if neccessary; note that this information will be used for producing the final conference booklet.
    3. Finally, download the PVLDB Copyright Transfer Form, sign it and scan it and upload the signed form below:

      Paper ID:
      Your email:
      Copyright form:

    Publication Process

    All papers accepted for VLDB 2012 are published in the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) Vol. 5. Accepted VLDB papers are continuously published in monthly issues. You can expect 1 to 2 months for a Camera Ready Copy of your paper to appear in the Proceedings.

    PVLDB is an archival journal with monthly issues that is published online on vldb.org, in the ACM Digital Library, on DBLP and, since 2011, also in the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) on arxiv.org.