Midterm Information

  • You need to bring your laptop to the exam. If you donot have or cannot borrow a laptop, please let me know. We will have a few laptops available, but would like to reserve them for students that experience unexpected computer problems during the midterm.
  • The midterm will contain topics up to and including Week6 material shown on the course page. (Cell arrays and structures will not be on the midterm).
  • The midterm will have a written part and programming part.
  • The written part will be closed books,notes,computers. You do not need a calculator for the written part.
  • After you turn in the written part, you can start working on the programming part on your computer. For the programming part, you can use your own past homework solutions, your notes, the textbook, and the resources available on the course web page, and Matlab's internal help documentation.
  • During programming part, you are not allowed to use any internet site other than the course web page and you are not allowed to communicate with others regarding the midterm. Any plagiarism attempt will be punished as described by school policies.
  • You will submit your file(s) for the programming part on the Programmingbank, just like you do for the homeworks. The programming part will later be manually re-graded. So, if you don't get the correct answers or have incomplete code, you should still submit what you have, to receive partial credit. Only your last submission will be graded.
  • We reserve the right to disable or limit the autograding system, in which case you would submit your homework but not see your grade until manual grading is performed.
  • Only in the event that ProgrammingBank becomes unavailable, you will submit your programs via email to bmes201staff@umich.edu Please do not email your program if you have successfully uploaded your file and can see it listed on ProgrammingBank.
  • You must sign a signout sheet before you leave the exam room, where we will note the time. Please do not re-submit for the midterm questions after you leave the exam room.
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