BMES 201: Programming & Modeling for BME - I

  • Contact: (emailgroup containing the Instructor and TAs).
  • Create a dropbox folder as bmes201.FirstnameLastname.abc123 (replace FirstnameLastname with your name and abc123 with your drexel id). Share your dropbox folder with:,,,,

    • Downloading Matlab will take some time. Before beginning the download and installation, make sure you have a stable internet connection, your computer is plugged in and is not set to automatically sleep.
    • A full Matlab installation will require about 10GB of hard drive space. If you are space constrained, you can customize for a minimal installation (which requires, sigh, about 5GB) that will work for our course by selecting only the following on the Product Selection window during installation: Matlab, Bioinformatics, Statistics and Machine Learning. If you need other toolboxes for your other courses, you can always re-run the installer to install them.

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1: Introduction to Programming & First Matlab functions

  • Week 6: Midterm
    • Sample written midterm. No sample midterm programming questions provided here. Assignments are considered samples for midterm programming problems.
    • In-class Practice Midterm on Tuesday & Wednesday. See solution video available on Blackboard Webconference Recordings.
    • In-class Midterm on Thursday & Friday.
  • Week 9: Example Problems. Thanksgiving.

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