BMES 201: Programming & Modeling for BME - I

  • Contact: (emailgroup containing the Instructor and TAs).
    • Name your dropbox folder as bmes201.FirstnameLastname.abc123 (replace FirstnameLastname and abc123 with your drexel id). Share your dropbox folder with:,,

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1: Introduction to Programming & Matlab

  • Complexity Competition

For some of the homework problems, we will hold a “complexity competition” where the student who solves this problem with the least complex code will get a bonus point (worth one homework problem). The complexity of your code is roughly defined as the number of characters in your file. The comments in your file and the lengths of your variable names do not affect the complexity. The official method for calculating the complexity of your code is to use the prog_complexity function available at: In order to claim the bonus, you must be present during the class that follows the deadline for that homework problem. If more than one student has the same complexity value, the student with the first submission of that homework will get the bonus. Your program must run correctly and get 100% grade in order to qualify for the bonus. Only your last file submitted for that homework will be eligible for the competition.

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