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 +====== Webiler - C/C++ compiler on the web ======
 +  * Are you a Windows user and want to compile your small C/C++ program but don't have access to a compiler? Then **[[http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/ahmet/Progs/Webiler|Webiler]]** is the right solution for you.  You can compile your single-file program either by uploading or by typing in the given textarea. Webiler will compile your program using gcc or g++ compilers and if your program compiles successfully, you will be able to download your Windows executable.
 +  * Webiler is intended for small and simple programs. For more advanced programming, you should consider using other development environments and compilers like [[http://www.cygwin.com|Cygwin]] (install gcc/g++ package), Microsoft Visual Studio, or Borland C Builder.
 +  * Webiler was initially created for our students at Ceng to ensure that their programs compile against gcc/g++ compilers. Students at our introductory level courses also utilize it when they cannot easily install their own compilers.
 +===== Usage =====
 +  * Visit the [[http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/ahmet/Progs/Webiler|Webiler]] page to use it.
 +===== Related Program =====
 +  * [[epi|EPI (Educational Programming Interface)]] is a simple Windows interface you can use to write, compile and run your C programs.
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