gcalendar plugin extended

Version 2007-02-07
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I've added some new features to the gcalendar plugin to make it fit better into my needs. The base version of the original gcalendar used for extending is 20061129. Please visit the gcalendar plugin's site for documentation.

New Features

  • Ability to specify how many days forward or backward the calendar should show (see the parameters below).
  • Can specify events for the whole month using 00 for the day. (For example, 2006-12-00). I use this feature for my to-do-list items, until I can finish the task and can set the day.

New Parameters


Prints a monthly calendar table, each row showing a week, and each column showing certain day of the week.


The ahmet_backward and ahmet_forward parameters determine how many days backward and forward from the current day the calendar should show. When _soft parameters are used, the original dates are changed only when the extended date is in a more future date. For example, if today is Dec25th and you set ahmet_forward_soft=3, the calendar will show up to the end of the month (31st), but if you set ahmet_forward_soft=10, then the calendar will show up to Jan4th.


Specify which day of week to start in the first column of the monthly view (0:sunday,…, 6:saturday). The default option $conf['gCal_ahmet_firstdayofweek']=1; is set in the gcalendar/inc/conf.php file.


Visit the playground:gcalendar page for sample usage.


<gcal pages=(:calendar:*) mode=ahmet_month>

ahmet_month'ly view

<gcal pages=(:calendar:*) ahmet_backward_hard=2 ahmet_forward_soft=6>


You can download the extended version of the plugin and unzip it as gcalendar folder into the dokuwiki plugins-folder (lib/plugins/). Or, copy and paste the following link into the plugin manager.

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