Pickle - A Simple and Easy PHP Online Picture Gallery

Pickle is a software for publishing your pictures on your website. Publishing is as simple as saving your pictures in a folder. If you just want to show your pictures on your website, try Pickle. No database, or maintenance is needed.



Free for non-commercial use. Credits should be provided when the code is modified for redistribution.

Main Features

  • The main feature is the ease of adding new pictures. All you have to do is to add save your pictures in the Pickle folder. Pickle will automatically detect these new pictures and make them available online.
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated and cached.
  • Changes in your pictures are automatically detected and cache is updated accordingly.
  • Rotation of images is available through the webpage.
  • All albums are presented in a simple, easy to use interface.


Pickle Snapshot


  • You need a php-enabled website. Pickle uses GD library to generate thumbnails, so the gd module in the php should be enabled.
  • A folder that contains your original pictures. These can be writable if you wish to have Pickle resize them for quick downloads.
  • A Cache folder where Pickle can store thumbnails, so that they are generated only once.

No database required!


  • Download. Unzip the downloaded file in your php-capable web-site.
  • Configure the Picture and Cache folders in config.php file. Make Cache folder writeable. Put some pictures in your Picture folder. Then open Pickle through your browser. You'll have to set permissions through admin interface if you have enabled ticket security in config.php.

Some of the code for the slide-show is included from elsewhere. Please see also the credits in the javascript files. By downloading Pickle software, you agree to abi e by their licence agreement.

Version History

  • 20070601 Fixed for IE-bug preventing downloads.
  • 20070323 Added download feature that lets one download .tgz of pictures in an album.
  • 20070301 Fixed File Directory Traversal Vulnerability. Updating your old version: move your src/config*.php files into the new installation
  • 20070116