Moodle Chat Module Revamped


  • chatinput: added multiline text (use Shift+Enter to send), html, and drawing input features.
  • chatd: works synchronously with other methods.
  • chatd: Sending small but continuous dummy data after each message (instead of sending a single big chunk of dummy data), works better for Firefox. IE doesn't need this dummy data. I haven't tested this for other browsers.
  • chatd: support for multiple sites.
  • fixed the jsupdated bug. now the messages is updated as soon as user sends a message.
  • Users can select the chat method and refresh rate.
  • users can select to show/hide pictures and enter/exit messages in chat session or in old chat reports.
  • fixed grouping bugs in chat reports.



  • backup your old moodle/mod/chat directory. it's also a good idea to backup your database.
  • Download the moodle_chat_revamped.tgz file and unzip it in moodle/mod directory to replace your old moodle/mod/chat
  • Copy and paste the strings in the moodle/mod/chat/amet/chat_en_utf8.php to the end of your moodle/lang/en_utf8/chat.php file.
  • You need the GD module working for the images to be created.
  • You need to open the chat daemon port if you are using the daemon, and you are

behind a firewall.


  • Start the server like this (from the Unix command line):
 cd moodle/mod/chat/ahmet
 php chatd.php &
  • if you have multiple sites served from the same source, you can use (each site should have a different daemon-port setting) :
php chatd.php --servername  --start &
  • Or, if you are using a unix based server, add the following line (replace MOODLE_PATH with your moodle installation path, and replace www-data to the user that serves your web files) to your rc.local file:
su - www-data -c "cd /MOODLE_PATH/mod/chat/ahmet; php /MOODLE_PATH/mod/chat/ahmet/chatd.php --start > /dev/null 2>&1" &