Autosearch Plugin

Version 2007-02-07
Summary handles non-existent pages by redirecting to index sub-page, showing sub-pages and/or displaying Search Results

If the site visitor requests a non-existent page, autosearch pluging will kick in to show the following:

  1. Redirect to the index sub-page if one exists. For example, if :folder:index page exists but :folder page does not exist, and a visitor requests the :folder page, he/she will be automatically redirected to :folder:index page. The names of index subpages can be specified in the configuration manager.
  2. If no index subpage is available, show the list of subpages (requires indexmenu plugin) and also the results of searching the requested page title. The search results is useful especially when you move your pages around and static links from outside world into your site become obsolete.


Download and unzip the plugin into the lib/plugins/ directory or use the plugin manager.